I’m a graphic designer, photographer and illustrator.
I live in Stourbridge.

I create bespoke Design for Print, Websites, Corporate Design and Exhibition Design.

If you’re serious about your company image, website, printed literature, or you just need your products and services photographed, get in touch.

After our initial chat I'll confirm everything in writing including prices, schedules and payment terms, so you will know from the outset what to expect.

What I do:

I create original design work which is every bit as good as large design and ad agencies - and cheaper:

I should know - I’ve worked in them and they've used me for freelance work.

I create original design and artwork:

It’s all original and produced by me. I come up with the ideas, lay everything out, do the typography, take and edit photos, draw and paint if required.

I create 100% bespoke, responsive website design for desktop and mobile devices:

I can register your domains and provide web hosting if required. If your site needs a complex Content Management System for lots of products and ‘e-commerce’, I collaborate with experts who are better at this than I am. Together we make sure your site not only looks good, but is also fully functional. I will register your site on Google and add all the SEO keywords so that you can be found in searches.

I get to know you, the client:

To fully understand you, your products and your services.

I support my local printers:

They are just as cheap as online printers, they are approachable, take pride in their work and are happy to talk and give advice anytime.

They have years of experience in conventional litho printing and are well up to speed with the latest digital printing techniques.

I deal with them on your behalf so you don't have to. I sort the quotes, the spec, make sure the artwork is supplied in the correct format, check the proofs, arrange delivery.

What I don’t do:

I don't use ‘off-the-shelf’ web templates or ready-made graphics and clip-art:

Do you really want a site design, logo design or brochure layout that could look like someone else's?

I don't take on low budget projects:

I don't do cheap logos or include 'free' stuff as part of a larger project.

I don't speculate to accumulate:

I won’t produce free ideas/concepts in the hope of gaining your business, I’m too busy working for my existing clients.

I don't compete with online freelancer agencies:

Wouldn’t you rather deal with someone you know, who understands you, your products and your services?

I don't compete with WIX, Go-Daddy, 1&1, Mr Site or other ‘D.I.Y.’ web providers:

Do you do your own gas, electrical and plumbing work? No, you leave it to the experts. If you’re spending valuable time trying to do your own site on the cheap, then it’s a false economy because it’s taking you away from doing what you ARE an expert at - running your business and looking after your customers.

I don't compete with the likes of Vistaprint or other similar web-based print companies:

They seem cheap but you will have to provide your own artwork and in the right format, or choose a ready-made design template that will have probably already been chosen by countless others. Then you will be bombarded with their other products and offers. And they’ll probably harvest and sell your data.

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Steve Jolliffe

Steve Jolliffe